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Boxify alternative

By | 10.10.2020

I've been challenged to come up with a solution for a shopping mall. They want to sell campaign products for the stores in the mall.

Maybe every week or so. They do not want to require payment COD and they want customers to pick up the package s at the mall in each store. Everything is good so far but from what I can tell there might be a problem when an order comes in. So my question is - will Shopify be the right tool for us? A plain Shopify-store might not be but would dropshopping-thinking be an alternative? Is it at all possible? And what about the location functionality soon to come? Great question, very intriguing.

Before I offer any potential suggestions on how this might work for you, it really does depend on what you are looking to do exactly, and there might be aspects of some solutions from apps or Shopify Locations might work for some also. There is no model built for a mall per se.

Let's look at some of the potential apps, or ways this could work for what you are looking for and go from there. Click Like to let me know! Very interested in learning more about this mall adaptation for shopify -- we're trying to do similar. Would love to discuss in more detail. Not what we initially wanted but thats how it is sometimes. Sign In. Community Browser. Quick links. Register Sign In. Turn on suggestions.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.Find out why this is an essential testing and development tool!

Supports up to different situations. Also not limited to a broswer but any applicaiton on your computer incluing editors, designers, etc. Even the look is up to you - different backgrounds, icon sizes, etc. Not limited to browsers, and not limited to HTML files. Advanced features creates a super-open-as tool. Want a new feature?

Coded an enchancement? Or if you love Browser Chooser 2 and want to thank me, simply Buy me a beer. Your choice, each time Choose which browser you use each time you open an HTML document, URL document on your computer Find out why this is an essential testing and development tool! Complete Flexibility Supports up to different situations.

Responsive Detects your installed browsers, lets you arrange things the way you want it. Read More.

Browser Choose 2: Total freedom in a default browser, each time

Have an issue? Contribute Want a new feature? No limits to your layout. Many different Flavours. Full Control. Control the experiance. Seen Enough? About Features Screenshots Download.The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your app about Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution does not include in the list, feel free to contact us.

Shippo developed by Shippo is an easy and a cheap shipping to get your orders live within 5 minutes. You can have print labels, shipping rates discounts and send the tracking information to your customers. No matter how big your business is, you can have better shipping rate and chances to access to Commercial Plus Pricing. Additionally, the app provides you with transparent tracking and a good post-buying experience.

This means that synchronizing package information and emailing your customers tracking information are totally automatic. You can also add your colors, brands, or logo to the tracking pages, packing skips or shipping emails, etc. Thanks to some outstanding automated features such as importing orders from the Shopify store or several storefronts like Amazon, Magento… or getting insurance for premium shipments, etc.

With powerful customer supports from the app, you can start using the app right now. ShipStation run by ShipStation is here to help you import, manage and ship your orders. ShipStation provides you with about 40 various shipping services, in the U.

A, Australia, Canada or the U. The working process of ShipStation is to integrate with more than marketplaces, shopping carts, system integrators, integration tools, or fulfillment services. You can add your unlimited number of selling channels to the account. All you need to do is managing everything in just one place. In addition, ShipStation enables you to increase the working efficiency with batch processing and automation rules.

Plus, you are allowed to infuse your own band into each element of the post buying experience. To sum up, whenever you sell and where never you ship, ShipStation can help you run your business smoothly and successfully. ShippingEasy developed by ShippingEasy is a leading shipping app for all business sizes. Basically, the app helps you save money and time on each shipped order. Every paid order can access to the commercial plus pricing and any free starter can reach commercial base pricing. Additionally, you can synchronize, manage, process and print shipping labels for your orders in just a place.

Your orders and inventory are well-managed with Inventory Management, including creating, sending, or updating purchasing orders or re-ordering low stock products. As you can see, your processing orders can be more accurate and fast to give you the capability to focus on what is important to your store this time. If you have any problem when using this app, the app team is available to support you.

Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Easyship, like its name, is a shipping app that can help reduce the shipping costs, sell worldwide, and boost up the conversation rates. Any merchant when using the app can access directly thousands of courier solutions, hence, you can save money and time. Easyship provides with simple shipping rules.

Shopify Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution Apps 2020

For instance, you only need one account to connect with over shipping solutions. In addition, you can synchronize your orders and print the labels in a single click.The world needs independent businesses.

Connect with over 50 supported couriers. Display estimated delivery dates supplied by couriers based on cut-off time, item-level processing, and actual transit time. Helping thousands of online stores sinceAdvanced Shipping Manager delivers full control over ALL of your shipping rules and methods.

No matter how complicated your challenge may be - Advanced Shipping Manager can help! Our customers say our app pays for itself almost immediately! What will you gain as our customer? Full access to our staff - where you will receive excellent advice and support from a dedicated team via phone, tickets, email, and live chat!

A team that understands that our success begins with yours!

boxify alternative

Connect with over 50 supported parcel and freight couriers using your own negotiated or published rates, and present your customers with the exact shipping rates from the courier in real-time.

Create destination specific shipping rule tables to calculate shipping rates based on weight, order total, quantities, and even distance. This feature allows you to create tiers for different scenarios, and even mix and match flat-rates with real-time rates - spending on your set conditions.

Optionally set dimensions to any item in order to account for dimensional weight when calculating shipping rates in real-time from any couriers. Prevent specific items from being shipped via certain shipping methods when not applicable.

boxify alternative

Designate specific items to ship separate from the rest of the order. This feature is helpful in cases of pre-packaged items or large items that are not normally shipped with others. Assign a single item to be shipped in multiple packages. This functionality will make sure your shipping rate is accurate when accounting for all the pieces of the item that are shipped in their own packages. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days. The support is what sets this app apart.

Their team always comes through with suggestions and solutions to help us. Initially we waited on getting it because we thought it was a little pricey, but the support is fantastic and it has saved us a lot of money and countless hours we would have spent trying to fix shipping problems.

We have over 30 apps and ASM has been instrumental for tweaking both domestic and international shipments. I highly recommend their app! Dane Wiren, General Manager www. This app takes our shipping offering to the next level. The team at King Webmaster has been instrumental in our success. They have been able to answer all of our questions, and come up with creative solutions to ever challenges that we've thrown their way.

Highly recommended. So much faster setting up with Shopify than with Yahoo. Burt, as always, was amazing and so glad he's back with King Webmasters. Learn more on shopify. Email address. Your store name. Create your store. Search Search. Orders and shipping.Furnishing a small spaceimpossible? You often hear this when someone sees a new apartment or decides on a living room make-over.

Yet, there are many tricks you can employ to survive this challenge with flying colours! Before any transformation or development, the first consideration is the size of the living room or the house. Depending on these measurements, we may choose different solutions. There is no ideal solution for any situation. It all depends on the size of your living room or your home. But don't panic, we have selected a few tips to help you plan your space.

Since the smallest square metre is important, it is important not to waste space with unnecessarily bulky furniture. For example, the use of stackable stools in a small kitchen or a small dining room will make it possible avoid cluttering the little space with furniture that is too heavy or too bulky. Multi-purpose furniture can be another alternative to optimise your space. You already have very little habitable space. So don't reduce it by putting in too much furniture.

The use of low furniture will allow you to store your possessions while keeping the free space. This avoids giving a suffocating impression in a room that is already small. A good tip to save space with your furniture is to have sliding doorsso you no longer need space for ordinary doors to open. For those with high ceilings, by elevating a bedyou can gain a small area to install a work space or to create a relaxing corner. A good tip to save space is to fit drawers under the bed.

Easy to pull out, they can store your belongings so that you can free up space in the room. Under-bed storage boxe s are readily available. For the more practical among you, you can make them yourself according to the space available and the number of drawers you need. Using a curtain or a sliding door will save space because you no longer need enough space to open a door.

You can also use this trick, for example, to hide a washing machine. Wall storage is a good alternative to furniture or cabinets. The shelves can hold books or other objects such as decorative items, for example. When you live in a small home, every bit of space counts. As a low-cost solution, you could, for example, place a wardrobe or a book case under the stairs or use the height to create a mini-wardrobe.

The choice of colours for the wallsthe integration of mirrors and the clever use of lighting can help you create an illusion of a larger space. Pick pale pastels and fresh colours for the walls like off-white, cream, light blue or powder pink.The world needs independent businesses. I was not able to print any label even after upgrade my account it give me error message that I have to contact costumer service which I did and one week later few emails were send and no respond.

We have been using Shippo for years. Hands down the best for any startup, Shippo houses simple rates and an efficient-user-interface.

boxify alternative

Thanks for your feedback! We're so happy that Shippo is helping make your life a little easier! If you need anything, you know where to find us. The service reps did not know what ORM-D goods are, they cannot supply the services they offered. I would not recommend them.

Complete survey platform for customer feedback

Desktop Shipper was able to more in one half hour conversation than multiple Shippo calls. Thank you for leaving honest feedback about your experience with Shippo and our team. I understand this was a frustrating situation for you given the time constraints you were under and we apologize for any confusion that may have occurred.

DO NOT USE OBERLO (Free Alternative) - Shopify Dropshipping

We do not support the creation of these labels in our UI. I have been using this app for several years and it appears that with each UI upgrade, something stops working and it never gets fixed. With latest upgrade, too much has broken and it is not longer usable - Shopify fulfillment sync does not work, order splitting does not work, Customs declarations do not import the correct information from Shopify products and it can no longer be edited, and Shopify Order sync just stopped working today.

Support is very slow by emails which takes a couple of days and nothing gets resolved either. We are wondering if these issues are being worked urgently or if we should be looking for alternatives.

I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Shippo and our team. We strive to build a product that helps our customers get their shipments to their buyers faster, and our Product Team is currently working on correcting some of the issues you've mentioned. We also want to apologize for the delayed responses from our Support Team.

We are trying to get back to everyone as quickly as we can and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding. That said, I am happy you were able to speak on the phone with a few members of our team and we are incredibly appreciative of all the feedback you gave. Such a useless app with bad customer support. They could not verify my account. We did send over 2 links to verify your account - this is purely for security and to protect our customers.

When I submit a help ticket, support responds within hours.The world needs independent businesses. Boxify shows rates that match how an order is actually shipped, whatever is in the cart, whatever the size of the box or boxes required. Step-by-step instructions shows you how to box up orders compactly, saving money when shipments are charged by their dimensional weight. Boxify is an embedded app for Shopify shops that provides a solution to the thorny problem of "dimensional weight," a made-up quantity that depends on the size of the package being shipped.

Shipping carriers consider dimensional weight to determine shipping rates, even for ground shipments. And USPS offers special flat- and regional-rate boxes for which shipping costs are based on box size, not weight. So to quote accurate shipping costs, your shop needs to know the size of the shipping box. That's easy if you always use just one standard shipping carton, but most merchants use a variety of shapes and sizes. Boxify provides your shop with the solution. Use it to record the dimensions of your products and shipping boxes.

This allows your shop to quote accurate shipping charges, including negotiated rates if available. No more having to pad shipping costs to protect yourself or worrying that inflated shipping costs are scaring off customers. Boxify also shows your packers which of your available shipping boxes to use and how each of the items in an order should be placed in that box. This ensures that your orders will always go out in the smallest box possible, saving you money on shipping and being kinder to the environment to boot.

Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

boxify alternative

LOVE a good piece of software! But we are paying for and using with success Boxify. It has helped us do exactly what we needed for our business and for our customers. The support has been very good and each question has been answered very timely and I even got a phone call at my request.

Well done! Dave was Johny on the spot replying to the numerous times I needed help during setup! I highly recommend Boxify! Learn more on shopify. Email address. Your store name.

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